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      PAST - During their twenty-three years together Raquel and her wife, Nichole, have lived and witnessed the lack of genuine equality for all.

      NOW - Thirteen years ago they started a screen printing company. In 2015, their concerns over the political climate met their printing experience.  Out of this union, Fifty50 Apparel was born.

      FUTURE - They continue to be dedicated to bringing you a product that gives you a voice and a platform to cause positive social change.

      MODERN DESIGN - They scratched all stereotypical symbols and colors and started fresh. They created original designs, with fashion forward artwork, and used clean, monocromatic colors. 

      COMFORTABLE - They spent six months looking for the best fabrics and fit. They found the softest tri and poly blends with a perfect, not too tight, not too loose, unisex fit.

      VERSATILE - They created the brand to fit your every occasion. The lightweight, soft, stretchy fabrics can be worn to work out, while the fashion forward aesthetic can take you to dinner.

      PRIDE -  They aspire to create positive apparel that evokes pride and enriches progress for every demographic.

      CONFIDENCE- They want you to be able to wear your message anywhere, and to spread equality everywhere. 

      INCLUSION - Through positive, fashion forward branding, they desire to eliminate intolerance and defend equal opportunity for all.